1.MIYAJIMA Marathon(Outline) 

Name of Event/Race: 6th "MIYAJIMA MARATHON"
Organizers: Miyajima Marathon Organizing Committee
Media Partner : FM HATSUKAICHI 76.1MHz(In 2019)
(In 2018)
Event/Race Date: March 29th, 2020(Sunday)
Venue: Miyajima, Hiroshima in Japan
Starting line: Miyajima Jr High School
Finish line: Miyajima Jr High School
Races: 15km, 5km
Race Rule: Follow the Japan Amateur Athletic Federation game rule in the 2018 fiscal year
Participating qualification: Anyone who can finish the race within the time limit set by organizer.15km: Anyone who can run 15km within 2hours30minutes and anyone in good health.5km: Anyone who can run  5km within 2hours20minutes and anyone in good health.(For elementary student to run,  guardian is  needed. )
Starting time: 15km:  10:30am,  5km 10:40am
The course time limit: 15km:   2hours 30 minutes(Until 13:00pm), 5km:   2hours 20 minutes(Until 13:00pm)
Cut-Off: Cut-Off Point: Closing Time( Time Limit )
1)  2.5km:    11:10      2) 12.5km:   12:50
Registration fees: ■Early Entry(on and until 30th September ,2019.)
15km 3,800JPY, 5km  2,200JPY

■General Entry(on and until 21 Febuary ,2020.)
15km 4,200JPY, 5km  2,700JPY

■Late Entry(on and after February 22 to March 15,2020)
15km 4,700JPY, 5km  3,200JPY
Participant application: please be noted that other web site not listed here, we do not accept registration.
-Official website only
Application period: Until March 13th, 2020
※However, if participant applications reach event capacity, we will stop accepting applications immediately.
Participant capacity: 15km: 1,000 runners, 5km 1,500 runners

15km:Up to 5th place in both male and female divisions by age group(Under 40 years old and Over 40 years old).

5km:Up to 3rd place in both male and female divisions

Japanese Beef and so on(Similar qualiy of awards. The following is award in 2019).

Finisher Certificate/Finisher Medal: Finisher certificate:
    Japan Address: Send by Mail(postcard) after a few weeks.
    Outside of Japan:Download Finisher certificate only

*No finisher medal available.
Participation prize:

To be decided later but similar quality of items.

Commemoration Towel of 5th Annual Miyajima Marathon
(15km:  running back 4l size,  5km  hand Towel
*Can be changed.

15km Souvenir(in 2019)

5km Souvenir  Hand Towel(in 2019)

Others: Please be aware that there will be NO registration on the day before or the day of the race.If any of your personal information changes after you apply to event office, please make sure to notify us of your new address.Insurance for Sports Injury will be arranged by organizer.
Handling of personal information: Organizer understands the importance of personal information and will follow Japanese law and statute related to protection of private information protection.Personal information will be dealt with based on the event organizer`s privacy policy


Email:                                [email protected]

TEL(Registration Office) TEL +81-50-3101-7125


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