Kep half marathon has canceled because of COVID-19.
See you next time.

KEP Half Marathon

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Event Name 1st KEP Half Marathon (past event was named pre1, pre2.)
Event Date February 23(Sun), 2020 
Start 10km, 5km race might start a bit earlier.
06:00 Half Marathon
06:20 10km
06:30 5km
Bib Distribution February 22th from 16:00-18:00 at Rock Royal Hotel in KEP
Start/Finish Rock Royal Hotel Area
Race Category Half marathon, 10km, 5km
Capacity Total 500(Half Marathon:150, 10km: 150, 10km: 200)
Organizer KEP Marathon Organizing committee

Khmer Amateur Athletics Federation
DELIGHT Corporation
Partner KEP Province
Participation Fee

Half Marathon: US40(Group Discount Available)
10km: US30(Group Discount Available)
  5km: US15(Group Discount Available)
Group discount is applicable when 5 runners are registered at the same time in the same race.
No later negotiation or other registration site.

Entry Fee after group discount
Half Marathon: US20(Group Discount Available)
10km: US15(Group Discount Available)
  5km: US8(Group Discount Available)

Registration Until February 19(Wednesday), 2020
Race Time Limit

3.0 hours(Until 09:00 for half marathon)
2h40min(Until 09:00 for 10km)
2h30min(Until 09:00 for 10km)

Cut Off  
  9km(Point 1)   08:00
13km(Point 2)   08:30

Qualification Half Marathon: Over 16 years old on event date
10km: Over 13 years old on event date
5km : Open

Registration http://kepmarathon.com
Award a. Half Marathon
Men     1st US300, 2nd US 200 ,3rd US100 Women 1st US300, 2nd US 200 ,3rd US100  

b. 10km Top 3 (Man and Women, no award money. small award gift available)

c. 5km No award
Participation prize Not available
(Only for Half Marathon, 4l size back pack is available. color black/silver)
Others Chip timing(Only half marathon and 10km)
Download finisher certificate available(Only half marathon and 10km)
(Finisher medal is not available this time).

Temperature/humidity(as of January 2nd,2015 at 06:45am)

Half Marathon

Start :   Near from Rock Royal Hotel and Resort
Finish : in front of Rock Royal Hotel and Resort
Race Time Limit: 3hours
Water/Food Station: every 5km for half.

Start :               Near from Rock Royal Hotel and Resort
Turning Point: 5km from start.
Finish : in front of Rock Royal Hotel and Resort
Race Time Limit: about 2 hours 40 minutes

Water/Food Station: every 5km.


Travel from Phnom Penh to KEP:   Bus from Phnom Penh to KEP(3-4 hours)

Bus stop in Phnom Pemh: Phnom Penh Sorya (All taxi and Tuk tuk driver know the place.)

Map of the Bus Station in Phnom Penh to go to KEP

Hotel Near from Start/Finish:    
Rock Royal Resort & Spa

February 22th(Sat) 16:00~18:00   BIB Distribution Rock Royal Hotel & Resort
February 23th(Sun) 05:40 Gathering(Opening Meeting) In front of Rock Royal Hotel & Resort
  06:00 Start:Half Marathon Around Rock Royal Hotel & Resort
  06:20 Start:10km Around Rock Royal Hotel & Resort
  06:30 Start:5km Around Rock Royal Hotel & Resort
  08:00 or so Award Celemony In front of Rock Royal Hotel & Resort
  09:00 Race Finish  
  09:30 Event Close


Event Record

Half Marathon:  
Men 01:18:29(Ma Viro, Cambodia) in 2016
Women 01:30:08(Jill Hamill, Great Britain) in 2016

Men: 00:36:18(Chhat Phat) in 2020
Women:00:46:57(Bo Samnang) in 2020

1st KEP International Half Marathon(Feb, 2020)


Pre 2 event: KEP International Half Marathon(Feb, 2016)
Half Marathon: Total 21 Runners


Man: Ma Viro (Cambodia) 01:18:29
Woman: Jill Hamill(England) 01:30:08

10km: Total 15Runners

Man:    Chhun Bunthon(Cambodia)   41:51
Woman:  Nina Leecq (Holland)   57:16

Pre 1 event: KEP International Half Marathon(Feb 2015)
Half Marathon:
Man: DEFOND YANN(France) 01:29:07
Woman:Audrey Thill(アメリカ) 01:42:31


Man: AMICK HAISSOUNE(Canada) 33:27
Woman: Synovzik Andrea (Germany) 41:11

Email:                                [email protected]
TEL(Registration Office) TEL +81-50-3101-7125

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