Make call centers
more efficient

and never make customers wait on hold again.

DELIGHT is a call center automation solution that can converse with customers in over 30 languages. It reduces the need for human operators, eliminates long wait times, and can address complex customer issues in high volumes.

With its quick, low-cost setup, DELIGHT is customizable and can grow with your company as your processes evolve over time. You’ll see more efficient and productive call operations at lower cost, while your customers receive a better, more delightful call experience with zero wait time.


Product Information

The simple answer is yes, absolutely! This is what DELIGHT was initially created to do, to better help assist your company’s call center needs, especially in a time of influx calls.

However, there is a limit to the amount of calls DELIGHT can manage based on your plan. If by chance you need to increase the maximum number of calls, DELIGHT will suggest the next upgrade to your plan. 

Yes, any questions that DELIGHT cannot address will be transferred to the human operator within your call center only on the Enterprise plan. Your monthly plan will include a set number of call transfers. Custom quotation is needed. 

Yes, DELIGHT can send notifications to multiple emails depending on the initial workflow set up. 

The caller will be able to select an offered language by choosing a menu option, such as “for Japanese, press 1” and “for English, press 2.”  This will need to be done in the initial workflow setup for DELIGHT. 

Yes, DELIGHT can share SMS notifications after receiving or making any calls. 

We are ISO 27001(ISMS) certified which is one of the most reputable security management certifications. Visit here for more details.

Set Up Process

To help speed up the implementation of the DELIGHT process, your team will want to list out the most commonly asked questions, and their corresponding answers, in an Excel spreadsheet or similar format.

If needed, our support team can work together with your team to prepare this data set for an additional fee.

Through DELIGHT’s operating system, you can forward calls you receive at your company’s phone number to a new number we provide, so there is no need to create a new number. 

A contact center workflow is a document that visualizes the various activities that can take place on a call such as most FAQs, responses and detailed company information.

No additional hardware is needed. DELIGHT is a 100% cloud-based system.

Yes, your team can choose between male and female voices. With the Pro plan, it’s also possible to adjust the DELIGHT voice’s speed.

Yes, only with the Enterprise plan. To demo the different greetings depending on the time of day, call +81-3-4588-9109 in the morning and afternoon to listen to the different greetings.

DELIGHT phone numbers are available in all major countries. Please contact us at [email protected] for details.

Plans & Payment

There is a minimum subscription of one year. All new customers are encouraged to try our two-week trial period.

The Enterprise plan is a customized plan which offers all the features of the Starter and Professional plans, plus additional recording, call transfer, outbound calls, and API integration options.

For NPOs and academies, the Basic plan, which is typically a one-year subscription, will remain free for subsequent years. Our team can also review requests for an upgraded plan free of charge. 

For more details, please contact us at [email protected] after subscribing to the Basic plan.