to support International Runners)

What's the 
This free app is for non-Japanese speakers to overcome language barriers. You can ask something you need support when you face language barriers.
Please choose suitable mode on based on your situation.

  This mode is for FUJISAN MARATHON. There is two function.
  1. Communication using Yubisashi(English/Chinese/Korean) picture with Japanese people.
  2. Request support to English speaking Japanese staff in the app.
Normal Mode(Preparing)

*) Please be noted sometimes we cannot reply to you because limited capacity. And quick response is not always assured.And sometimes,response is not assured.
How do you get the
iPhone/iPad and Android app is ready.
Please scan or click following QR code to get the app.
*) You can sign in them for same account.


This project owner is mintomo(, a app development company and in charge of software development.
DELIGHT Corporation is in charge of project execution including business partnership and marketing.

If you are interested in joining this project, please contact us.

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