We aims for Global Expansion with Multilingual Phone Bot Service

We  aims for Global Expansion with Multilingual Phone Bot Service

DELIGHT Global Inc., headquartered in Delaware and operating in Tokyo, Japan, has announced that it has raised $149K in funding.

This funding was made possible by a decision from East Ventures, our first venture capital investment, and from outstanding angel investors. This is a testament to the company's future progress and the great trust that industry leaders have in its vision. These funds will be strategically utilized as DELIGHT focuses on business development for its multilingual phone bot automation service.

About DELIGHT Global Inc.

DELIGHT was originally founded in Tokyo, but in August 2023, it established a parent company in Delaware to expand globally, and the Japanese company became a 100% subsidiary. We focus on revolutionizing the industry through the automation of telephone reception through multilingual phone bots.

Comment from DELIGHT Global Inc. CEO Hiroyuki Anno

Our vision is to make communication between people around the world smoother, more efficient, and less stressful through our multilingual chatbot service. This funding will help us achieve our vision by allowing us to expand our product offerings, improve our technology, and reach a wider audience.

List of Investors (Excerpt) and Comments

  • East Ventures
  • Angel Investor Mike Kida (CEO of Healsonic Group LLC)
    I am sincerely glad that DELIGHT has successfully completed its fundraising. I believe that DELIGHT's multilingual and versatile solutions are in demand all over the world, starting with the United States, where our company operates. I sympathize with President Anno's vision and mission, and I want to do my utmost to support its realization. I pray for DELIGHT's further development.
  • Other investors